krishna lakkineniKrishna Lakkineni,  hailed from a small village in A.P, India. Born with a desire to get out of the poverty, struggles and lack of basic necessities made him work harder, made him hungry to achieve something better not just for him, for his future family and generations to come. A Ten year old thoughts of having lots of money can solve these problems soon vanished. He soon realized there is something more than money. A higher purpose, that drives us to get to our goals. His self discovery lead him to find the inner passion to help others.

To help people in pain and need. To fulfill their dreams through mentoring, by giving and by showing compassion and love.

Through hard work, dedication and continuing education he developed a unique skill set in digital marketing industry where having a both analytical (left brain) and creative, imaginary (right brain) approach always lead to best quality projects.

He currently leads a great team of talented technologists, designers and strategists at ROI Media Works. Krishna has over 15 years of experience working in the ever changing digital technology world. Being analytical, an entrepreneur, programmer and a marketer he has developed a unique yet strategic skill set where he sets the bar high. He had considerable experience working on Fortune 500 companies’ digital marketing projects in an agency environment. His goal is to offer himself to help his clients, friends, family and community.

He likes to excel in everything and built an agency that closely associates his beliefs,

Be The Best You Can and Let the Rest Will Happen Naturally.  

As a leader he thrives in providing best possible digital solutions to ROI’s clients no matter big or small.  In his free time he volunteers in the community and works on various projects where passion meets purpose.

Krishna Lakkineni Featured On Thompson Rivers University Profile Of The Month.

Krishna Lakkineni Receives Young Entrepreneur Award