The How And Why OF “The Jay Abraham Story”.

It’s always been an adrenaline rush to learn more about entrepreneurship, marketing and sales. It has been the bare bones of my success as an entrepreneur to build an advertising agency, ROI Media Works, and become an Amazon Bestselling author. It also allowed me to reach out and connect with some amazing people. All I had was the perseverance to keep going no matter the odds.


I’ve had my fair days of researching, fiddling with things and self-teaching. From library to library and internet research I started my career, but as an entrepreneur one thing I learned is that I save both time and money when I learn directly from mentors and fellow entrepreneurs. I always had mentors during my career, and they helped me to propel my career and life. My first book “Screw it and Let’s Do it”, by Sir Richard Branson, sparked entrepreneurship in me. Another book, “The Dream” by Gurbaksh Chahal inspired me to make a career in the digital advertising industry. I haven’t stopped hustling since then. A Dale Carnegie course in 2009, helped me firm my beliefs and create my values based on integrity and trust. Books by John C Maxwell, Steven Covey and Robin Sharma helped me to create foundations.

The Jay Abraham Story

I’d heard of “Jay Abraham’s Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got” in 2011. As a vivid reader, I purchased the book and watched free videos on YouTube, and researched websites to learn what I could about best business practices. I was intrigued yet puzzled by his human capabilities of helping multiple businesses scale up to billion dollar enterprises. As an immigrant in England and also to Canada, I always wanted to make myself and my skills indispensable. This made me a valuable asset in a company or as a business owner in the community.

In 2015 I came across Grant Cardone. It’s funny how this happened. I took a cold sales call from a sales trainer who claimed their training is the best and better than Grant Cardone. I was intrigued but rather subscribed to an email newsletter on Mr. Cardone’s website. Yes, that was thanks to the sales trainer who didn’t get my business. Later on, Jay Abraham, along with Daymond John from Shark Tank, were speakers at a 10 X Growth conference. I couldn’t attend the 10 X conference but watched it live. There “Jay Abraham” was again, sharing his wisdom to the world.

Fast forward to 2017 when I finally met Jay Abraham in person at the Thought Leaders Summit, in Hollywood, CA. I enquired about his training and mastermind sessions. They were beyond what I could afford, ranging from $5,000 per hour. Just as I thought the door was closing on me to have more face time with Jay, an opportunity presented itself with an upcoming project with Jay Abraham.

I participated in 6 group calls and two days of learning including a day at his residence as a co-producer on the documentary that was produced and directed by an Emmy award wining team. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and the best invested in my personal growth. I consider it a personal MBA; learning from the failures and success of various companies.

You can watch the complete documentary and download a wealth of business materials from Jay Abraham’s website here.

“Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: The Jay Abraham Story” recently won a Bronze Telly Award at 40th anniversary of Telly Awards in the non-broadcast category. Apart from the lessons, networking opportunities and career growth I gained from this project, this award is definitely a bonus. Just another milestone accomplished in my life and the journey to “Hope For One Million Kids” continues.