I am a successful entrepreneur built a multiple six-figures business from ground up but five years ago my life changed. Without going into much details I would say one of the painful times in my life, I don’t talk about this much because of the fear of being judged. Fear, anxiety, depression engulfed me. There are nights that I go through panic moments, this effected everything around me, family, people, relationships, life goals. I was resilient and didn’t give up. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, most times you have to reinvent things for different situations. I was trying to figure out what’s more to life and how to balance and deal with things that I couldn’t live with. All this time I was telling myself “I am an entrepreneur”, and I got it.

This went on for nearly 18 months during this time. Until one day it strike me, first “I am a human” then I  am an entrepreneur. Then the myst started melting away. I started looking at things differently, by separating myself and looking at things that I am passionate about from a new lenses. I let go the things I have no control over and forgive more. I started investing in coaching, reading books, conferences, researched 100s of academic papers on mind body and soul. Finally, I have found something about life. Not just about creating success but also raising from the lows when things aren’t going well.

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I found myself, “the cared and loved little child” I was once. Through experimentation and education I found inspiration from many different things in the nature. I started gaining focus, people that are relevant and important started showing up in my life. Their stories had a tremendous impact on me, their limitless generosity, kind and forgiving nature changed me forever.



You are a dreamer, have ambitions towards living your highest life. You have goals set and probably smashed some of these spectacularly like I did.However as an entrepreneur and a spiritual seeker I have stumbled a few times but always managed to raise above. There were dark times in my life too; a failed startup to anxiety and depression. What kept me going was curiosity, is this what life is all about?

• Clarity on your vision – if you have one it makes sense to revisit often.
• Turning your WHY into specific goals
• Life management – We all have the same time but some do more.
• Loads of inspiration to help you stay motivated.

Location: Online Event
Cost: Free

Special announcement: For those attending live will also receive a limited time free access….. I’m not going to ruin the surprise. Join me live to find the details. This will inspire you and most likely change your life. My jaw dropped and literally cried  when I first saw this preview and multiple times after. It is one of the most exciting projects I was ever be able to be part of. Looking forward to see you on July 15th.