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Live2Inspire With V Krishna Lakkineni

  What Is Live2Inspire?

Live2Inspire is a series of video interviews, podcasts and blogposts created to share the common knowledge to inspire those looking for motivation and create momentum in their life.  

Why did I create LIVE2INSPIRE?

I have been on a quest to finding the balance in life and on a path to create greater good for humanity either through charities that I volunteer with or all the book proceeds being donated to various causes. Apart from volunteering and one on one pro bono coaching to individuals who experienced hardships in life, I’d like to inspire people to think about their life’s purpose.

Every life matters and we are all worth a life. Often my coaching and conversations helped the recipient to find themselves.

What I have been noticing with COVID-19 situation is people are demotivated, losing faith even though they have been successful leaders and have a moral compass. With these episodes I am hoping to do my part to inspire people not to lose faith. Helping them with tools they can work with someone to get them through tough times. More than ever before in my life time I felt the need for bringing people together to help each other moving forward as a humanity.

I was introduced to Jack Canfield’s Success principles back in 2008, attending his Break Through To Success and eventually playing a role in organizing a One Day to Greatness in our city, Kamloops it never occurred to me how inspirational and instrumental it was in my personal wellbeing. With the help of Live2Inspire I would like to share the same opportunities I had with the world and hopefully inspire some of you to find abundance in your life.

So in summary I want to leave the world to be a better place than it was. I know two things for sure in life, birth and death. I had no control over my birth but I want to have a meaningful life journey before I pass on.

I really appreciate each and every one of the guests on Live2Inspire for volunteering their precious time.


Where to watch online? 


The entire series of episodes will be available on all major social networking channels and podcasts. Once an episode is live they are all available on demand primarily on the Facebook Live and YouTube but will also be added to this site.

Follow these social media links below for broadcast information.

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About The Host

VK is a digital marketing entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author, technology enthusiast with a passion for marketing, strategic business growth, and operations.

He is well versed on various digital marketing topics, successfully presented on digital marketing and entrepreneurship at various conferences as a keynote speaker.

VK moved from India to Canada and made this land home. With two months expenses in hand he started his journey, however with his marketing agency background working in England he saw an opportunity in the Canadian market. He founded a digital marketing agency, ROI Media Works worked directly with 120+ clients in the last 10 years, creating a whopping $80 million in combined lead volume to it’s clients. VK’s experience also includes some Fortune 500 companies in the last 15 years.

VK’s efforts earned him a prestigious “Entrepreneur Of The year” award from the local chamber of commerce and three key stone awards including a gold from Canadian home builders association, central interior for his agency’s work with clients in construction industry.

He is also the recipient of a Quilly award in Hollywood, an Expy award and also a Emmy award bronze for the documentary ” The Jay Abraham Story”.

Where To Watch?

The entire series of episodes are available on all major social networking channels and podcasts. Once an episode is live they are all available on demand. You have a choice to join live broadcast on Facebook or watch it at your convenience. Check the below social media links for events and broadcast information.