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V. Krishna Lakkineni

Technology Entrepreneur, Amazon Best Selling Author, Success Coach

I am a digital marketing growth hacker, Amazon bestselling author, public speaker, and CEO at ROI Media Works. Being the founder of digital marketing agency and working with more than 250+ clients, partners including some Fortune 500 companies over the last 15 years helped me understand all aspects of running a successful business. My focus is still on implementing sales & inbound marketing solutions to a number of clients while streamlining some of the processes and tweaking in the process models for optimization.

My interests range from artificial intelligence in marketing, Chatbots and Cryptocurrency to volunteering for nonprofits. I believe in sharing knowledge, love mentoring new entrepreneurs.

In 2013 I have been featured as top 100 branding experts to follow on Twitter. Currently at ~27,000 followers with a reach of ~190 million and ~10million reach on Instagram. I have used simple marketing hacks to gain this organic visibility.

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Current Ventures

As a technology entrepreneur my passion is building businesses, turn the ideas into a concept and creating a sustainable businesses that makes a difference.  

Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.

Jack Canfield, America’s #1 success coach

Amazon Best Selling Co-Author

I believe in perseverance. I had an opportunity to contribute to the book “The Big Secret” along with Jack Canfield, Chicken soup for the soul series and other elite individuals.

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CEO, Founder

Our content marketing agency specialized in inbound marketing, lead generation. Marketing automation is the key to business success »


This is my dream project to give back to the humanity. The focus is to help children that experience poverty, war and children trafficking through education and souls nourishment. »


A GOLF social platform app for finding and organizing players to play golf with. Allows users to invite players and make new friendships. »

Success Coaching

Need help with your business or personal life?

Business Coaching

Not sure about where your business is heading? Need help with financial analysis, mentoring or business model?

Life Coaching

Do you feel stagnant in your life? Having trouble finding your passion? There are ways to help you move forward.


Marketing & Sales are key to any successful business. Need help with prioritizing your marketing goals, create a strategy?

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