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An Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker,

3 X Amazon Best Selling Author

VK is a digital marketing entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author, technology enthusiast with a passion for marketing, strategic business growth, and operations.

He is well versed on various digital marketing topics, successfully presented on digital marketing and entrepreneurship at various conferences as a keynote speaker.

VK moved from India to Canada and made this land home. With two months expenses in hand he started his journey, however with his marketing agency background working in England he saw an opportunity in the Canadian market. He founded a digital marketing agency, ROI Media Works worked directly with 120+ clients in the last 10 years, creating a whopping $80 million in combined lead volume to it’s clients. VK’s experience also includes some Fortune 500 companies in the last 15 years.

VK’s efforts earned him a prestigious “Entrepreneur Of The year” award from the local chamber of commerce and three key stone awards including a gold from Canadian home builders association, central interior for his agency’s work with clients in construction industry.

He is also the recipient of a Quilly award in Hollywood, an Expy award and also a Emmy award bronze for the documentary ” The Jay Abraham Story”.

He is also an Executive producer on the film Dreamer, a documentary to inspire people, which was released during COVID-19 attracted 10,000+ viewers and nominated for 4 Emmy Regional Awards.

Keynote Topics: Mindset Coach, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Digital Marketing.

Business: Founder, Digital Marketing Agency

Business Experience: 15+ Years.

Keynote Length: 12-60 mins



Current Ventures

As a technology entrepreneur my passion is building businesses, turning ideas into concepts, and creating sustainable businesses that makes a difference.

“Never Give up on your dreams, success and your freedom.Life must be experienced with grace and spirituality. Being able to think, act, respond consciously is a unique gift we all have as humans.”

VK Lakkineni, Entrepreneur, Amazon Best Selling Author

Executive Producer

This is one of the best moments in my live, having an opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself. The film has featured influential entrepreneurs such as Anousheh AnsariPeter Diamandis (the founder of the X-Prize Foundation), my marketing inspiration Seth Godin, Jim Kwik, Giovanni Marsico (the founder of Archangel), Dean Kamen (engineer, inventor and business man), Lisa Nichols (motivational speaker) and  and many others.


“V. Krishna Lakkineni and the World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals reveal their Golden Rules on How to Succeed in Both Business and Life!”
PERSEVERANCE IS A GOLDEN KEY TO SUCCESS – I believe in perseverance and consistency plays a huge role in our success. In this chapter I have discussed how my entrepreneurial journey started and some of the challenges I’ve faced and overcome through determination and hard work. 

Never Give up on your dreams, success and your freedom.


Being a part of this project allowed me to learn from the legendary Jay Abraham.
Over 6 months I get to learn about sales & marketing from this 21 billion dollar man, featured in Forbes and other top magazines. 

 In this film Jay Abraham story shares insights, advice and personal stories of working with companies like Icy Hot, which he grew exponentially.
A Bronze Telly award.

Live2Inspire Online Talk show

Live2Inspire is a series of video interviews, podcasts and blogposts created to share the common knowledge to inspire those looking for motivation and create momentum in their life.


Hollywood Live TV Show

Perseverance helped me to accomplish my goals many times to create success and abundance in my life. If a kid from a developing country was able to risk a lot of things in life to share his story with the world. I believe we all have this vision.

Amazon Best Selling Co-Author

I believe in perseverance. It helped me to create wealth and success in my life.

In this book “The Big Secret” I had an opportunity to co-author with Jack Canfield, Chicken soup for the soul series and other elite individuals.


CEO, Founder

Our data driven digital marketing agency specialized in inbound marketing, lead generation.

As a boutique agency we have worked with a variety of clients all across West coast Canada and USA.


A GOLF social platform app for finding and organizing players to play golf with. Allows users to invite players and make new friendships.


This is my dream project to give back to the humanity. The focus is to help children that experience poverty, war and children trafficking through education and souls nourishment.

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Do you feel stagnant in your life? Having trouble finding your passion? There are ways to help you move forward.


Marketing & Sales are key to any successful business. I can help you with your marketing goals, create a strategy?

Recent Blog Posts

Explore my journey to Success, usually my posts are filled with book reviews, and lessons from inspiring thought leaders.

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